The beginning of my DIY diesel standby generator project with the genshed studded out and the 60kw Katolight placed

The Start of My Diesel Standby Generator Project

A few years back, I built a nice all-electric home in the woods of Pennsylvania. We are at “the end of the line” when it comes to electricity, so any kind of interruption or accident almost always ends up in an outage for us. This I expected. At that point, a whole home generator...

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Six important and commonly overlooked points on what size generator you need and standby generator sizing for pro or DIY installs

What Size Generator? Six Important Points to Consider When Choosing

Generator worksheets leave out important info on what size generator will work for your home. Here are 6 points to help you determine what size standby generator you need.

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$5000 standby generator-cost comparison 20kw Generac versus 60kw Katolight diesel

Standby Generator Cost Comparison: What Your $5000 Buys

Let’s imagine you live on a couple acres and have around ~$5000 to purchase a standby generator, not including automatic transfer switch or install. Let’s do a point-by-point comparison to see what you get for your money.

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