Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

My name is Andy, and I live in rural Pennsylvania with my family.  I genuinely hope you like the site and that you find it helpful.

I’ve been a researcher from a pretty young age, and I find that I do a lot of stuff that other people tend to take some interest in.  In the 1990s, I did some of the earliest mechanical testing of synthetic motor oils out there and won a bunch of grants for it.

I always worked constructions during summers, lived on a horse farm, always working on equipment or building or restoring something.

In 2013, I designed and executed what has become the most popular review of degreasers (apparently in the world), the Industrial Degreaser Performance Ratings.  It made me really happy to see how widely this was adopted, and how it helped people make better decisions and stop relying on marketing hype or hearsay.

I started designing the Diesel Genshed in 2014, and did quite a bit of research, and began building it out in 2015.  The success of the Industrial Degreaser Ratings are a big reason why I’m taking on this site about standby generators, as I think it can be pretty useful information for people.

I don’t really tend to seek out “different” projects, it’s just that my needs and designs don’t usually fit in the typical box.

So, I already had the shed, no interior, which I had been parking my 4-wheeler and lawnmower in.  If you guys really dig the shed, let me know and I’ll draw up plans.  Nothing really special, 2×6 walls, 12’x20′, 14″ solid concrete monolithic foundation (the footers and the slab are one piece).

For the sake of this discussion, let’s say you have the shed, because you don’t have to build it yourself, as it could be one of those Amish jobs where they pretty much drop it on your footers and off you go.

I did a year of pretty intensive research and finding suppliers.  (I built this site to keep you from having to do the same!)  I had to do a lot of calculations for airflow, etc before I was comfortable.

It took me about a month to find the generator and get it delivered.  (I’m a pretty hardcore DIYer, but trust me, just pay them to place it, unless you have a boom truck or equipment.)

It took me about a month of weekends to completely drywall, seal, wire, clad the interior, run the hangers, place the thimble and plumb exhaust system.

I’m going to write some detailed posts, but here’s the rough #s.

$5500 for a Katolight 60kw diesel standby generator with 137 hours.

$6000 to run a wires about 100 feet from my generator shed to my subpanels in basement, add a subpanel in the shed for the shed itself, place and wire transfer switch, etc.  This included trenching, conduit, materials, the whole bit.

I have (2) 200 amp panels, and after discussion, we decided the easier way was to power one panel, so the $5500 also included moving about 30 circuits into the subpanel powered by the generator.  I wanted to do it right and knew a really good electrical sub.

The exhaust thimble was $500, and it is an all stainless beauty.

I had a custom flex joint fabricated, and it was $250.

Figure about $500 for Type X drywall and galvanized cladding for the interior.

I’m going to post details of ALL of the costs in an article, but these are the big ones.

You don’t.  I’m not a professional engineer.  But, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.  I’ve got what I think is a pretty solidly-engineered system that has been running flawlessly for 3 years.  I’ve also got engineer friends who know I did it “the right way.”

I think you’ll see from what I write and the research I’ve done that I’ve got a pretty good feel for things, and I’m not a BSer.  If you need another reason, I also created this data-driven analysis of degreasers, and I wasn’t a BSer then, either 🙂 The Industrial Degreaser Performance Ratings

I do everything I can to provide a straight, unbiased view from a variety of perspectives.  I think you’ll see that in my writing.

If I do ever take on advertisers, I will make very sure to disclose everything… even then, you’ll see I’m not a biased hack.